A Winter's Walk

January gives us the opportunity to see the beautiful shapes and patterns of the underlying structure of trees against the changing skies.
Here are a few photos taken on recent walks which I hope will inspire you, alternatively interpret the theme in any way you wish, either from your own reference photographs or from your imagination and send in to the gallery for us all to see and enjoy.

You will need


Keep colours to a minimum to practice colour mixing.

Suggested palette:-

Ultramarine blue

Winsor blue(Green shade) or Phthalo blue

Transparent yellow or Pale Cadmium yellow

Permanent rose

Scarlet lake

Paynes grey


Size 4,8, 10 round

Watercolour paper:
140lb NOT (a slight texture)


A walk following a good downpour created an interesting scene of the bright blue of the sky and the trees reflected into the shallow pool of water.

Evening Light

This picture gives the opportunity to experiment with wet on wet techniques and exciting colour mixes.

Late afternoon overlooking Ely Cathedral

The distant cathedral appears soft and diffused, almost a silhouette reflecting the mauve shades of the sky.

Student Gallery

Here's some work completed by Julie's students based on this tutorial. 

Send your work to Julie

Have you completed this tutorial? Send Julie a photo or scan of your work and Julie will give her feedback.
Student Submissions
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