Summer Days in Watercolour

Keep on painting during the summer! Show your results in the student gallery section below.
Would love to see what you have produced!

You will need

Watercolour paints/brushes and watercolour paper

I have used Jackman's Art Materials in the above geranium sample
The watercolours are a relatively new brand which are handmade in the UK which I have found to be of a very good quality.
The Professional handmade watercolours are available in lots of shades and in 14ml tubes, 5gm pots and 1/2 pans.
I like to work from a palette of full pans so I tend to fill them up from pots or tubes.

My basic watercolour palette is:
Phthalo blue (green shade)(similar to Winsor blue GS)
French Ultramarine blue
Payne's grey
Prussian blue
Scarlet Lake which is a strong warm orangey red
Pyrrole red which is slightly cooler
Permanent rose
Quinacridone magenta
Cobalt yellow which is a cool yellow similar to Cadmium yellow pale
Azo yellow which is slightly warmer and similar to Transparent yellow
Diarylide yellow, a warm golden yellow, similar to Cadmium yellow
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Phthalo green similar to Viridian green

Brushes are available in either sable or synthetic.
The Extra fine Golden synthetic(Gold sable) Round professional brush is available in several sizes.
A size 8 and 10 are useful sizes
and if you prefer a sable the Pure Red sable Professional watercolour brush is good too.

To view Jackman's Art material website please press the link below

Bockingford 140LB NOT watercolour paper can be purchased online from Jackson's Art Materials



Keep colours fresh. To create a vibrant Summery feel let colours mix on the paper wet on wet!

Student Gallery

Here's some work completed by Julie's students based on this tutorial. 

Send your work to Julie

Have you completed this tutorial? Send Julie a photo or scan of your work and Julie will give her feedback.
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