Watercolour Tutorial Books by Julie King

The Paint Pad Artist: Watercolour Flowers

The Paint Pad Artist: Watercolour Flowers by Julie King

"This new series from Search Press is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple. Take one look and you'll get it immediately. I just love them." - Henry Malt, Paint Magazine

This inspiring watercolour flowers book is part of the exciting and innovative Paint Pad Artist series. Whether a beginner or more experienced artist, you will be amazed at how quickly you will acquire the skills needed to produce beautiful paintings, and with the initial outlines for the six stunning projects provided on high quality watercolour paper, you can start creating amazing works of art straight away.

Take Three Colours: Watercolour Flowers

Take Three Colours: Watercolour Flowers by Julie King

Take Three colours, Watercolour flowers, published by Searchpress. Nine projects, using just three colours to develop techniques and colour mixing.

Julie King will show you how to paint beautiful watercolour flowers using just 3 colours, 3 brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad.

Julie King's book will build your skills through 9 easy exercises, starting from the simplest of tulips and working up to a stunning rose. Clear advice and step-by-step photographs show exactly what to do at each stage and how to trace and transfer the basic drawings from the finished paintings, which are shown full size in the book for this purpose.


Ready to Paint: Irises in Water Colour

Irises in Watercolour by Julie King

Julie's second book, Ready to Paint: Irises in Watercolour, published by Search Press is now available.

A garden full of beautiful spring Irises in bloom is one of the most stunning sights of all, and Julie King shows you how to paint them in this inspiring book. Artists who want to learn how to create realistic pictures of these popular flowers without relying on their drawing skills have everything they need, and more experienced artists will find much to inspire them. The tracings make it easy for readers to reproduce all the projects and clear step-by-step photographs explain the watercolour painting process in great detail. Here you will find, Dutch, gold and rust, deep purple and white irises in a variety of compositions, and Julie's instructions will clearly guide you through every stage, illustrating in easy ways how to create wonderful paintings full of colour and light.

How to Paint: Flowers in Water Colour

How to Paint Flowers in Watercolour by Julie King

Julie's first book, Flowers in Water Colour, from the Winsor & Newton "How to paint" series, published by Search Press.

Julie's passion for flowers and the natural world shows through in the wonderful delicacy and vibrancy of her watercolour paintings. The book includes three comprehensive step-by-step demonstrations, help with selecting paints, brushes and other materials and clear guidance to colour mixing, water colour techniques, including negative painting, masking, washes and more.

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