Orange Agave plant in Watercolour

This is a two part video demonstration.
In Part 1 Julie will demonstrate how to approach the Orange Agave Plant in watercolour, followed by Part 2 illustrating the background of the Bahir Palace courtyard garden,Marrakech.

You will learn how to:-
* Paint a vibrant flower by overlaying pure colours one over the other to retain brilliance of colour
* How to paint each individual bud using the wet on dry and diffusing technique, to create the whole flower head
* Create variegated washes of colour, wet on wet
* How to simplify a garden scene, commencing with the foliage
* Simplify architectural detail
* Mix colours using a limited palette to unify the whole painting

You will need

Cadmium yellow pale
Cadmium orange
Permanent rose
Burnt sienna
Winsor blue (green shade)
Ultramarine blue

Size 4,6 8 round
Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky sable series 35

Watercolour paper:
Approx 140lb NOT (cold pressed)
Fabriano Artistico
Painting size approx 22cms x 29cms

Art Materials

Part 1 The Orange Agave Plant

Part 2 How to paint the background scene of the courtyard garden surrounding the Orange agave


Cadmium orange and Winsor blue (green shade) are used consistently in this painting to unify it.

Student Gallery

Here's some work completed by Julie's students based on this tutorial. 

Send your work to Julie

Have you completed this tutorial? Send Julie a photo or scan of your work and Julie will give her feedback.
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