Autumn embraces the rich shades of fruits and berries. Rich red rosehips stand out brightly against the complementary green foliage.
In this demonstration Julie will show how to capture the shine on the smooth surface of the berries and suggest the backdrop of foliage.

You will need

Permanent rose
Scarlet lake
Ultramarine blue
Winsor blue (green shade)
Transparent yellow
Burnt Sienna

Size 6 or 8 round plus extra round for re-wetting areas.
Large mop brush or large round for wetting background
Size 4 round for lifting out the highlights.
B pencil

Watercolour paper:
A4 size 140lb NOT (a slight texture)

Reference Photograph

Rosehip demonstration video

Student Gallery

Here's some work completed by Julie's students based on this tutorial. 

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Student Submissions
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